Alumni News: John David Rhodes appointed Lecturer at University of Cambridge

This just in from department chair Richard Allen:
“Congratulations to John David Rhodes who has just been appointed Lecturer in Film Studies at the University of Cambridge.”
Rhodes received his PhD in cinema studies for his 2002 dissertation “on Pier Paolo Pasolini’s early films,” which led ot the publication of Stupendous Miserable City: Pasolini’s Rome (U of Minnesota Press, 2007).
Rhodes is also author of Meshes of the Afternoon (BFI Film Classics, 2011).
He has co-edited three books:
*Taking Place: Location and the Moving Image (with fellow NYU CS PhD Elena Gorfinkel, U of Minnesota Press, 2011);
** Antonioni: Centenary Essays (with Laura Rascaroli, BFI/Palgrave, 2011);
*** On Michael Haneke (with fellow NYU CS PhD Brian Price, Wayne State U Press, 2010).
He is also founding co-editor of the online journal World Picture, which has just published its new issue, no. 9, entitled “Serious,” (Summer 2014).
Previously Dr. Rhodes was Reader in Literature and Visual Culture (English, Sussex Centre for the Visual, Centre for the Study of Sexual Dissidence) at the University of Sussex.

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