Sight & Sound magazine on NYU Orphans / The Future of Obsolescence

Happy to report that Sight & Sound magazine has just published a report on the 9th Orphan Film Symposium, the NYU Tisch/Cinema Studies event held a few weeks ago in Amsterdam.
If you’re a cinephile or film scholar, you know that the BFI’s Sight & Sound is a important publication in our field — and has been so since 1932! Best known perhaps for its decennial critics’ poll of Greatest Films of All Time, the magazine’s 2012 poll no doubt pleased Department of Cinema Studies chair and Hitchcock scholar Richard Allen. For the first time in decades, Citizen Kane did not top the critics’ poll, being dethroned by Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo. Knowing that Richard very recently spent his birthday at Bodega Bay, California — the setting for Hitch’s The Birds— one must assume, at least, that the editor of the Hitchcock Annual was pleased.
Ian Francis’s report on Orphans 9 for Sight & Sound does a deft and thorough job of synthesizing the multifaceted symposium.
The blurb reads: This year’s convention of ‘archivists, artists and scholars’ dusted off curios including a Polish typewriter camera, a bonfire of valve radios, Josephine Baker in clogs, Communist-bloc amateur movies, Fred Ott’s correctly-timed sneeze and the eye-popping Gasparcolor system. Plus, digital delight and disquiet.
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