Join us April 30, 6pm, for the MIAP 10 Celebration

To cap off the department’s year-long celebration of 10 years of its acclaimed master’s program in Moving Image Archiving and Preservation, we’re throwing a party. Join us at NYU’s Casa Italiana (24 W. 12th) on Wednesday at 6:00 pm.
Proceeds go the newly-established Robert Sklar Scholarship fund.
If you are not familiar with the program’s sense of international camaraderie, this recent note from Huiming Yu in China, a member of the first graduating MIAP class, will convey some of that.

It is my great pleasure that I may help a little bit for the party. The MIAP program has helped us a lot, and I do think it brought a wonderful piece of treasure to my life, especially when I take a retrospective view on the experience.
The education and training I got at MIAP brought me many skills and insight, which I apply to many jobs. But the more important thing is it has enriched my inner world forever. I always take the experience at the Dept. of Cinema Studies as a blessing.
Last summer I launched an educational program and brought a group of Chinese high-schoolers to Pittsburgh to attend a summer course at Carnegie Mellon University. I also help friends to development business in various fields, and even travelled to Nigeria twice last year (and watched a new Hollywood movie there). Now I am focusing on educational programs.
I always pay attention to movies. I have attended some non-official seminars to introduce Moving Image Archiving in US to Chinese audiences, and I still get involved with some independent movie activities. When Professor Zhang Zhen was a panel member of an independent film festival in Beijing, I met her there.
It’s my honor to have my letter quoted at the party. I wish I could be there. MIAP will always be in my heart.

Howard Besser’s photo of Huiming Yu and Jeff Martin with archivist Wendy Shay at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History (Feb. 2005).

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