Who Is William Thaumatrope?

thaumatrope.jpgA mystery has enveloped the offices of the Cinema Studies Department. As snow gently falls and rain clouds move in to cast our skies in a dampening gray, we sit here asking “Who is William Thaumatrope?”

A Thaumatrope is a pre-cinematic device. A round disk is attached to a string with a picture on either side. Make the disk spin and the images are superimposed. It is a form of montage, a magic trick, an illusion.
Thaumatrope is a musical project to create song from sound, to create songs without material support, to create collections of songs: love songs and rock songs, folk songs and pop songs.
–William Thaumatrope

There is a connection. There is something happening here. It is cinema studies, but it is also something else. The owls are not what they seem.
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