Cinema Studies Represents at Sidney Poitier Conference

030810_Poitier4_panel1.jpgThe “Sidney Poitier International Film Conference & Film Festival” was held at the College of the Bahamas, Nassau, Feb. 23-27, and was distinguished by the presence of no less than six Cinema Studies and affiliated faculty, alumni, and students. All of the talks, papers, and presentations were illuminating, dynamic, and contributed to the progress of black Cinema Studies, its culture and politics.
030810_Poitier2_Guerrero.jpgProfessors Manthia Diawara (Keynote), Ed Guerrero (panelist), along with Cinema Studies PhD’s and now professors at Vassar and UC Riverside respectively, Mia Mask and Keith Harris (panelists), plus doctoral student Keith Corson (panelist) and retired affiliated Professor Clyde Taylor, all held forth in grand style, greatly enriching and animating the proceedings. The conference was capped by a teleconference call from Sidney Poiter himself. An edifying and fabulous time was had by all.
PhD alum Mia Mask
Professors Clyde Taylor, Mia Mask, and Ed Guerrero on a panel at the Sidney Poitier Conference

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