Cinema Studies Gets Ready for 35mm Projection!

by Catherine Holter
James Bond from Full Aperture Systems, Chicago, IL, was here with his team last month finalizing the installation of Cinema Studies’ FP20 35mm projectors. The custom FP20’s James Bond built feature variable speed with a 3-blade shutter for flickerless projection. On his most recent trip, accompanied by Brant Beilleux and Justin Dennis, he cut our aperture plates, calibrated our lenses and Dolby sound system, and perfected the masking in The Michelson Theater.
James proudly displays his handiwork.
Below, Justin Dennis calibrates our Dolby sound system.
James also conducted a 35mm projection training session for our staff: Matthew Reichard, Matthew Barry, Britten Dunham, Zack Lischer-Katz and Catherine Holter.
James insisted I included our threading diagram in the blog.
We’ll pass out rub-on tattoos at our inaugural screening!
Photos & stills by Catherine Holter & Trey Lawson. Videography by Trey Lawson. Drawing by Matt Barry.

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