This Weekend: Orphan Films at UnionDocs in Brooklyn

Orphan2_012010.jpgThis weekend there will be a series of Orphan Film Symposium-related screenings organized with the participation of Professor Dan Streible and Cinema Studies MA candidate Cullen Gallagher at UnionDocs, a non-profit documentary collaborative in Brooklyn.
The screening on Saturday, January 23rd, at 7:30PM is a Robbins Barstow Tribute featuring four short films: Tarzan and the Rocky Gorge (1936); Youth and the Future (1943-44), which was shown at the 6th Orphan Film Symposium in 2008; Disneyland Dream (1956), one of twenty-five films admitted to the National Film Registry in December 2008; and finally The Making of “Disneyland Dream” (2009). Moving Image Archiving and Preservation candidate Jennifer Blaylock will join Professor Streible and Cullen Gallagher after the screening for a discussion about Barstow’s work.
Orphan_012010.jpgOn Sunday, January 24th, at 7:30PM, Professor Streible has organized a program entitled “Orphan Films as Documentary” that includes work by James Blue that was featured at the 6th Orphan Film Symposium at NYU. In 1963, Blue made three short films in Colombia, each in support of the Kennedy Administration’s Alliance for Progress: The School at Rincon Santo, Evil Wind Out, and Letter from Colombia. Also included in the program are: People’s Congressman (1948); Madison News Reel; and Helen Hill’s home movies (2000-2003), rescued Super 8 films of New Orleans that stewed in the muck of Hurricane Katrina flood waters for a month—the late filmmaker’s animated Scratch and Crow (1995) was named to the Library of Congress National Film Registry less than a month ago.
UnionDocs is located at 322 Union Ave in Brooklyn, NY, near the G, J, L, M, and Z trains. All screenings have a $7 suggested donation. For more information, please visit
[Editor’s Note: Thanks to Cullen Gallagher for this entry]

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