Published Articles:

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Tiberiu Dragu and Xiaochen Fan. forthcoming. Self-Enforcing Legal Limits: Bureaucratic Constraints on Repression under Emergency Powers. Journal of Politics.


Working Papers and Work in Progress: 

Does Technology Undermine Authoritarian Governments? (with Jonatan Lupu) (revise and resubmit at International Organization).

Representative Democracy in the Age of Big Data: Mobilization and Persuasion in Electoral Campaigns.

Optimal Prevention? Dynamic Moral Hazard in Political Principal-Agent Problems (with William Godel).

Counterterrorism Policy in an Uncertain World (with Livio Di Lonardo). 

Profiling and Terrorism Prevention (with Mattias Polborn).

Polarization and Issue-Selection in Electoral Campaigns (with Xiaochen Fan).

Mobilized Dissent and Repression as a Dual Coordination Problem (with Yonatan Lupu).










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