In the News: How to talk about what we need to talk about?

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In the News: Migration, Occupation, Representation & more!

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In the News: Profiling, Prince, Peaceniks and more!

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The Radical Notion that Women Experience War Too

Amy Levin: “[In] the new form of war that’s evolved since the end of the cold war where it isn’t two armies standing and facing each other, women and children really are the most effected by this type of warfare,” said actor Geena Davis in a behind the scenes looks at a new PBS series called “Women, War, and Peace.” Davis is a narrator for the five-part hour long series that began Oct. 11, along with other big time celebrities such as Matt Damon, Tildan Swinton, and Alfre Woodard. Continue Reading →

Saved and Sacked; Fruits and Roots

Taking a qeue from William James (and the bible), David Bromwich asks if it’s too late to examine the Obama-Bush presidency.  How has the first black president, who promised to return America to “the high moral ground” and by race and rhetoric signaled an allegiance to equality and justice, proven to be the perfect ambassador of the last Bush’s policies? War.  Torture. Financial titans.  Bromwich lists those advisors and public servants Obama chose to keep or let go and draws conclusions about Obama’s moral compass from the record.

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Preaching Against the Wars

The Proper 29 Project, created by Mennonite pastor Mark Villegas and named for Reign of Christ Sunday (November 21, also known as Proper 29), asks pastors to “address the violence in Iraq and Afghanistan” in their sermons.  Writes Anna Groff at The Mennonite:

Villegas is pastor of Chapel Hill (N.C.) Mennonite Fellowship and a columnist for The Mennonite. He informed all the pastors he knows about the project–many of which are Mennonite. As of Nov. 4, several Mennonite pastors told him they would participate.

Some of the non-Mennonite pastors told him they would receive negative response if they preached about this issue.

“It’s hard here in North Carolina,” said Villegas on Nov. 4. “Our economy is tied to the military-industrial complex. Preaching about the suffering cause by U.S. forces in Iraq hits too close to home in a state that has such a high military population.”

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