In the News: What Happened & What Now?

A round-up of recent religion news.
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Is the Left Behind?

Diane Winston tells us what’s missing from “Whatever Happened to the American Left?,” an opinion piece by Michael Kazin, the editor of Dissent Magazine, which appeared in Sunday’s New York Times.  (I pointed a finger at it on Sunday.)  Winston explains that Kazin neglects three important issues in his diagnosis of the invisible, hamstrung Left:  the conservative movement didn’t start in the 1970s; the American Left is not MIA, just underreported; and that he better not leave religion out of the conversation or he’s missing an essential part of the political story. Continue Reading →

Our Daily Links, Rant Edition

If you’re in New York, you should be making plans to visit the #occupywallstreet folks.  They’re being slandered and abused for saying what we all say:  the wealth of the country is being unethically siphoned off the top.  Even if you’re not saying that, you believe in unfettered freedom of speech, right? Show it. Continue Reading →