In the News: Voting, Protesting, and Distracting

A round-up of recent religion news.
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Science, the State Religion

Young-earth creationist and founder of Answers in Genesis, Ken Ham, is taking the Smithsonian’s Natural Museum of Natural History to task for their new Hall of Human Origins.  “The purpose of this exhibit on the origin of man,” he writes, “is not only to indoctrinate children and adults in evolution, but also atheism.”  Ham, who was behind the “high tech” Creation Museum in Ohio, is working up to an accusation of First Amendment violation:

Why won’t Potts and his researchers include that [the Bible’s account of human origins]? Well, they have arbitrarily defined science (which means “knowledge”) as having nothing to do with God. They will only allow explanations according to their view of naturalism, the religion of atheism.

And that, tax-paying citizens, amounts the Hall to government promotion of a state religion — atheism, a violation of the wall between church and state.  Could a lawsuit be in the Smithsonian’s future?

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