JFK Loved LDS, You Should Too!

Kelly Smurthwaite at ksl.com writes that while prominent news outlets are citing the Mormon faith of two GOP hopefuls, Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman Jr., as a potential “weakness,” “prominent politicians and presidents of the United States have spoken in favor of members of the LDS faith, stating the good that members of the church have done in the world, their country, their communities and their homes.”  Take John F. Kennedy for instance (who famously received criticism for being Catholic and disavowed any desire to govern like one).

Smurthwaite’s article is quite accurate, of course, if not a bit earnest in it’s effort to give a good account of the unnecessarily persecuted Mormons as upright, good Americans.  I would speculate that a majority of Americans would agree, when you get down to it.  Funny undergarments, maybe.  But hell, they’re pioneers.  Just like the rest of us — or perhaps better, if you watch the LDS ad campaign from last year. Continue Reading →