Daily Links: Apocalypse Edition

Click right over to Mary Valle’s latest at Killing the Buddha on “A Kinder, Gentler Apocalypse.”  Of the May 21 fake-out she writes:

Apparently God was playing more of his “I’m gonna pretend to high-five you, then pull my hand away at the last minute and say ‘Psych!’” games with all of us.

Look out Jews.  Here comes Chrislam!

Mother Jones lists some of the better entries in the #HermanCainPizzaJams flourish that occupied twitter earlier this week.  Our favorites are of course:

“Give Pizza Chance” –Daudig

“Cheese Crust is Just Alright by Me” –JElvisWeinstein

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Congratulations Revealer Alum!

Of the seven recipients of the 2011 Knight Luce Fellowship for Reporting on Global Religion, two have spent time at The Revealer!  Kathryn Joyce, the founding managing editor, and Nicole Greenfield, have both graced our pages and shaped who we are and what we do.  Here’s what the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, the administrator of the award, has to say about their winning projects:

  • Kathryn Joyce will investigate the burgeoning U.S. evangelical adoption movement and “orphan theology,” reporting on international adoption in Rwanda and Liberia. Joyce, who has published in Mother JonesSalon and Newsweek, is a three-time recipient of reporting support from the Nation Institute Fund for Investigative Journalism. She is also the author of Quiverfull: Inside the Christian Patriarchy Movement (2009).
  • Reporting from Argentina, which became the first Latin American nation to legalize same-sex marriage in July 2010,Nicole Greenfield will examine the complex relationship among religion, politics and LGBT rights in the diverse city of Buenos Aires. Greenfield is a freelance journalist based in New York City.

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