Christian Movies and Representational Politics

From Andrew O’Hehir’s review at Salon of “Soul Surfer”:

If evangelical Christians want to see their life and faith and values reflected on-screen, I guess that’s understandable. But movies are not mirrors, and the mass audiences that went to see “The King’s Speech” or “Black Swan” or “The Social Network” didn’t necessarily identify with the characters or their lifestyles. Although the prehistory of Christian cinema goes back several decades — the Campus Crusade for Christ film “Jesus” played mainstream theaters in 1979 — with the solitary exception of Gibson’s gruesome and visionary “Passion of the Christ” the genre hasn’t evolved past the most tedious stage of message-delivery and representational politics. (Insert joke here about Christians and evolution.)

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First Mel Gibson Came for the Jews…

He’s run through anti-semitism (The Passion of the Christ), classism (restraining order against a homeless man?!) and now — it’s not a new saw — racism.  HuffPo, the LA Times, and the San Francisco Chronicle are all reporting that Gibson’s been caught on tape using the N-word while slandering his former girlfriend and, uh, baby mama.

The Revealer spent a lot of time covering Gibson’s media melees over the past few years, including the release of The Passion.  We’ve combed through our archives for some Gibson classics so you don’t have to: Continue Reading →