Explaining US Foreign Policy

From an October 2011 article at Human Life International World Watch, a “pro-life and pro-family” organization dedicated to monitoring “anti-life forces operat[ing] under the radar implementing their destructive agenda”:

…You would think, in an empty nation like Kazakhstan, there would be groups encouraging peo­ple to have more children, but ex­actly the opposite is the case. Fam­ily Health International and USAID distribute contraceptives by the ton, the Population Council writes long reports supporting the continued availability of abortion for any rea­son or no reason at all, and, of course, the lethal alphabet soup of the United Nations coordinates ev­erything — UNAIDS, CEDAW, UNDESA, UNDP, UNIFEM, and the omnipresent UNFPA.

Nobody could explain why all of these population control groups are necessary in a nation that has an average of only 15 people per square mile.

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Halal Kazakhstan

When part of the Soviet Union, Kazakhstan’s Muslims were forced to hide their faith or practice a state-sanctioned version of Islam. Now independent, Kazakhstan is witnessing a renaissance of Muslim practice, a reclaiming of heritage that Soviet rule interrupted, writes Rosemary Pennington at Muslim Voices. (h/t Ummah’s Best) Which might explain the popularity of a recent Reuter’s story about a new test that allows restaurant patrons to ensure there’s no cheap, unholy pork in their beef orders. It looks like and works like a pregnancy test stick, scientists say, changing colors when pork is present. Continue Reading →