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Orthodoxy Designed

An excerpt from the introduction to Orthodox by Design: Judaism, Print Politics and the ArtScroll Revolution, released this month by University of California Press

by Jeremy Stolow

Do you wish you could pray in Hebrew and understand what you are saying as you are saying it? Now you can, with ArtScroll’s Schottenstein Edition Interlinear Series. It’s easy to pray with meaning in Hebrew with the new interlinear format developed by ArtScroll to give you maximum comprehension with minimum effort. — ArtScroll Complete Catalogue (2006)

ArtScroll is a publisher known throughout the English-speaking Jewish world as a purveyor of handsomely designed, accessible, and uncompromisingly Orthodox print commodities, including bilingual prayer books and Bibles, rabbinic commentaries, legal manuals, historical works, novels, self-help books, and curricular material for Jewish education. Continue Reading →