Green = Death

From Resisting the Green Dragon: Dominion, Not Death, a new book (with a 4 disc DVD companion; look for a review by Jack Downey at The Revealer this week) that professes to expose the culture of death that is the foundation of the green movement:

The strange compulsion to societal suicide is a dogma in the Green movement, moving ever closer to the edge of a cliff. And they want people to step over the cliff to show solidarity with the new organizing principles. This madness is reminiscent of the national suicide of the amaXhosa. Like Mhlakaza, false prophets promise salvation if only we will destroy the means of maintaining our civilization. No more carbon, they say, or the world will end and blessings cease. Rather than scorning the pagan prophets a similar mass hysteria infects many professing Christian churches.  Though the boat still moves forward, the ebb tide of Biblical Christianity is plain. Western Civilization has never known greater prosperity than at the present, but rejection of the Christian foundations of our prosperity is near total in many denominations. Pagans of all stripes now offer their rival views of salvation, all of which lead to death. As it says in Proverbs 8:36, “But he who sins against me wrongs his own soul: all those who hate me love death.”

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Green Dragon Gonna Get You

A new series that’s intended to wipe away all your tree-hugging tendencies and enlighten you to the evils of trying to save the planet from ecological disaster is out on DVD.  Writes Gawker:

The Green Dragon is what a “who’s who” of Religious Right leaders — including the American Family Association’s unimaginably terrible Bryan Fischer and the Family Research Council’s very sympathetic Tony Perkins — have dubbed the environmentalist movement. It is a secret liberal death monster trying to seduce your children with pretty talk about “saving the world” when all it really wants to do is molest/kill your children, or at the very least force them to worship the environment as their new God.

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