God and Guns

Patrick Blanchfield tracks the long-standing entanglement of guns and religion in the United States. Part 1 of 2. Continue Reading →

The Burden of Disbelief

From a review by The Washington Post‘s Hank Stuever of  “The Sunset Limited,” a new HBO show written by Cormac McCarthy:

The bigger revelation here is Jones, in total sync with McCarthy’s words, bringing an understated, heavy-sigh sadness to the role of White. His burden of disbelief feels more real than Black’s insistence on a higher power. Early on, “The Sunset Limited” faintly suggests that Black is some sort of celestial presence, as if sent by God to investigate White’s worthiness for the afterlife. White keeps asking to leave Black’s apartment, but Black won’t let him go, on the pretense that White might head back to the station to leap in front of another train.

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