In the News: Apocalypse, Saints & Breadsticks

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In the News: Mad Men, Mormons, Monks, and more!

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In the News: Paris, Witches, the CNN Apocalypse, and more!

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Lebanon: War, Peace and Pluralism

“The relationship between Lebanon and Syria is intricate and complicated, and the chaos in Syria presents serious challenges for its tiny neighbor to the west,” writes Irina Papkova in the first of two posts from Beirut in the aftermath of the October 19 bomb blast. Continue Reading →

Apostasy in Any Other Country

Abby Ohlheiser: Something we’re keeping an eye on: Christian Iranian pastor Youcef Nadarkhani, who faces death for the crime of apostasy, could face execution any time after Wednesday should he refuse to renounce his faith a fourth time.

It’s an interesting case with a bit more to say than the familiar narrative of persecuted Christianity, partially because pastor Nadarkhani’s apostasy might not even be that, according to Iranian law. Continue Reading →

Evangelicals, Not Invited to the 9/11 Party

The best and most prominent reminder of the diversity of American Christian thought arrived on the New York City mayor’s desk this week, in the form of a petition with 62,000 signatures.  It was written by that epicenter of hate speech, The Family Research Council (and City Councilman Fernando Cabrera, a Bronx pastor).  FRC’s beef?  That the ceremony at the World Trade Center tomorrow will not include pastors or priests.  Each year, in a ceremony format now a decade old, moments of silence break up the hours-long reading of names of those who died.  Representatives from across the religious spectrum attend. But the petitioners want explicit prayers and they want them from their own leaders. Continue Reading →