Give Us This Day Our Daily Links

“I believe the Founding Fathers were moved around like men on a chessboard put in place at that time so the world could have America.”

Nathan Schneider grills Judith Butler, at The Immanent Frame.
A new regulation outlawing the veil in France gets the entire “religious tolerance” thing wrong.
Sarah Posner at Religion Dispatches brings us up to date on developments surrounding Jim Wallis’ (Sojourners) call to prayer and fast against proposed Republican budget cuts.
The American Cancer Society is under attack again from a number of religious organizations; a boycott of Relay for Life has been called by those who depict stem cell research as, um, Dachau-like.
Josh Harkinson at Mother Jones writes about Family Research Council’s funding of anti-union ads in Wisconsin, one of which asks voters to do the impossible:  keep politics out of the Supreme Court.  Of course, political prospects for Republicans are much better in 2012 if fiscal and social conservatives can be pals again.  (Throw in the neocons and the GOP’s smokin’!) Here’s a clip:
Of course, exegetical disputes with liberal Christians aren’t the only reasons why FRC opposes labor unions. Not only do unions’ economic principles put them at odds with evangelicals, so do their social values. A recent press release from Dobson’s Focus On The Family, which was once conjoined with the FRC, complains that most political donations from labor unions go to Democrats and liberal social causes. “Over the past several election cycles, unions and their members contributed millions to fight against core American values—especially on issues of life, religious freedom and marriage.”