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The sui juris of citizenship:  According to Pew, 63% of all unauthorized immigrants have been in the US for more than 10 years.

Because your Military Rulers Said So: Revealer Abby Ohlheiser’s been keeping track of the Egyptian election over at The Slatest.

Catholic Attitude:  Sarah Posner watched the “Health and Human Serices (HHS) and the Catholic Church: Examining the Politicization of Grants” hearing today, a showdown meant to determine how much money the Catholic Church can take from the US government and still discriminate against persons or practices.  Representative Darrell Issa (who may himself have become an object of persecution) argued that the Catholic Church was unnecessarily denied a lucrative grant to serve sex traffic victims.  Others, including Representative Gerald Connolly argued that the Bishops were wrongly attempting to speak for the entire Catholic body in order to deny sex traffic victims standard medical services.  Posner writes:

Connolly, though, saved his most charged rhetoric for the second round of questioning, saying the hearing reminded him of a “latter-day Torquemada” conducting “an inquisition against the secular state.” No one, said Connolly, “can speak for all Catholics and the Catholic Church.” Catholics “have different points of view,” he said, adding that he hoped that those differences, “in a pluralistic republic, would be respected.”

Tebowing the Spotlight:  Patton Dodd writes at WaPo‘s “On Faith”-“Patheos” mash-up that:

Tebow has been showing them what he thinks of predestination. He’s a radical free-will believer in Jesus and in his own capacity for confounding the wisdom of the wise. So far, he’s been confounding in most every game he’s played. Tebow’s Broncos don’t score many points per game, and they rely on a newly stingy defense and impeccable special teams play to keep games close until “Tebow Time,” where 4th-quarter magic is bound to happen. And so it has.

Next to Newt’s Godliness:

Really poor children in really poor neighborhoods have no habits for working and have nobody around them who works. So they literally have no habit of showing up on Monday.

Minority rights are a “special privilege”:  Michele Bachmann yesterday firmly reminded Iowa that a democracy doesn’t have to protect minorities (unless they’re say, Christian).


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