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Our very own Jo Piazza writes for the Wall Street Journal this week about how one New York synagogue is using the tactics of a political campaign adviser to increase its congregation size.

“The best declaration of conservative principles since the Sharon Statement signed at Bill Buckley’s home in 1960.”  Americans for a Conservative President has a winning list of principles–free markets, small government and God–taken straight out of the Buckley’s time.  The only thing missing from this new campaign’s list is Communism.

Zenit’s Director has been asked to resign, reportedly because the Legionaries of Christ, the group that sponsors the Catholic news service, wasn’t particularly pleased with Jesus Colina’s independence. Colina, who’s headed the service since 1997, has expressed dissatisfaction with the Legionaries lack of financial transparency and the way they’ve managed the sex abuse case of Father Marcial Maciel Degollado, their founder.

Don’t forget to check frequencies daily, a joint project of The Immanent Frame and Killing the Buddha!  Today they have original art and Paul Christopher Johnson on spirituality through espresso.

The Guardian‘s mapped Anders Breivik’s media consumption.  It’s gorgeous and scary and fascinating.

Give it Away Now:  Wait, you mean “We Don’t Give Out Foreign Aid to Make People Like Us?”  If you conflate the idea of foreign aid with various religious concepts of charity, it makes sense.  Unless you conflate foreign aid with war, of course.

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