Harrisburg's Mayor Fasting and Praying for Budget Balance

What’s a mayor of a major state capital to do?  Linda Thompson has tried nearly everything to balance the city’s budget back into the black.  Her lastest effort? Three days of fasting and prayer to petition God for better fiscal straights.  From HuffPo:

“I am open about my faith and will be participating in the voluntary prayer and fast,” Thompson said in a statement. The city is now weighing a financial rescue plan presented by the state.

The fast and prayers, which will be facilitated by about a dozen Christian, Jewish, and Muslim religious leaders, will begin at midnight on June 21 and end on June 24.

Perhaps it’s comforting to know Harrisburg’s mayor is no different from a hurting majority of US families.  I’m just not certain she’ll have much more luck with God than they’re having.

Read more about Thompson’s church-state melding here.

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