Speaking of Universalism…

Chris Armstrong at Grateful to the Dead takes the time to excerpt Edwin Woodruff Tait’s review of Love Wins, the new Rob Bell book that has everyone from Amanda Marcotte and (on) Chris Matthews to Jon Meacham and the usual suspects wagging for a month now.

Read Tait’s entire review here.  A clip:

Modern American evangelicalism, of course, is typically not very Augustinian. As Calvinists would agree, evangelicals have turned “faith” into a human work by speaking of salvation as dependent on a choice to “accept Jesus.” In philosophical terms, most evangelicals believe in “libertarian free will” (though the Calvinist minority is quite large and exercises influence far beyond its size). It is by our choice to believe or not that we place ourselves either among those whom Jesus has saved or among those who are damned. As Bell points out (still on pp. 10-11), it seems contradictory to say both “nothing you do can save you” and “you will be saved if you believe and damned if you don’t.”

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