"Life in Year One" Paperback Release

Scott Korb on what life was like in first century Palestine. Life in Year One, now in paperback.


A society both familiar and strange emerges from this absorbing historical study. … Korb’s vivid, breezy prose makes accessible a mountain of scholarship that illuminates the past. –Publishers Weekly

Food, homes, politics, medicine, crime, punishment, customs, and staying clean: it’s all here in this account of the biblical world from the coauthor of The Faith Between Us. Scholarly research but nonscholarly tone; many readers will like. –Barbara Hoffert, Library Journal

Expertly researched, beautifully distilled, and filled with wit, [LiYO] is an animated reminder that sometimes the things we think we know best — our myths, our faiths, our ancestors, even ourselves — contain the most remarkable surprises. –Jeff Sharlet, New York Times bestselling author of The Family

Life in Year One entertains as it educates, pulling back the veil on a world all the more alluring because it is impossible to know completely. … Scott Korb reminds us that a history of there and then is always also a story about here and now. –Peter Manseau, author of Vows, Rag and Bone, and Songs for the Butcher’s Daughter –This text refers to the Hardcover edition.

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