Evangelicals and The Gay

Jay Bakker’s going out on a limb for The Gays.  In his new book,  Fall to Grace:  A Revolution of God, Self and Society, Bakker proclaims that homosexuality is not a sin.

While this may be a revelation (Bakker’s church is called Revolution NYC) for Cathleen Falsani, who reviews the book at Sojourners, and other evangelicals with gay friends, one can’t help but match up Bakker’s proclamation of tolerance and love to the rather all-male-all-straight-all-white leadership at his church and be disappointed.

Loving the sinner isn’t really enough for evangelicals if they still foster patronizing attempts to convert gays to a straight “lifestyle.”  They’re going to have to find it in their hearts to love the sin too.  Let’s see if Bakker takes the lead in more than just word.

(h/t Becky Garrison)

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