What Makes Ground Zero Holy?

We’ve been wondering what makes the site of the 9/11 attacks “holy ground.”  Michael Daly takes this saccharine stab at it in today’s New York Daily News by asserting that tragedy (or seeing shells from foxholes) makes all of us pray in the same way:

Ground Zero is a mosque.  It is also a church and a synagogue and a temple and an ashram on ground made holy by those of all faiths who died there.

The God of this hallowed place is the one to whom I heard even atheists appeal as the towers burned and innocents trapped in hell on high leapt to certain death.


“Oh, God!”

“God, no!”

The jumpers kept falling, striking the pavement with the most unholy of sounds.

“Please, God!”

“God, help us!”

As if in answer from above there then came a thunderous rumble that was no less terrifying when it was repeated 29 minutes later.


…I am counting on the power of the holy place where even people of no faith called on God, and the very best in us answered.

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