SNL's Humor Can't Top The "Restoring Honor" Rally

Becky Garrison, who’s current feature for The Revealer looks at the ways in which “social justice” has been made a dirty term, writes to us today with a satirical piece about Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally in Washington DC.  SNL’s been outdone?  Has Beck become his own best satirist?

Saturday Night Live creator Lorne Michaels has rejected an alleged second offer from Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin to co-host Saturday Night Live. Apparently, SNL’s crack comedy writing team is incapable of penning anything that can top the “Restoring Honor Rally” starring Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin and the Special Operations Warrior Foundation.

“Replicating Martin Luther King’s ‘I have a Dream Speech’ by having the rally on the same day and in the approximate location is a stroke of pure genius,” Michaels allegedly proclaimed. “Not since we aired the “Word Association Sketch” in Season 1, Episode 7 have I seen a comedy duo employ the techniques of satire to illuminate the racial divides that continue to plague this nation,” he added.

Upon hearing this news, Jimmy Fallon followed his former boss’s lead by canceling their adaptation of Beck’s “Helpful Tips for the Rally!” sketch. According to a spokesman, Jimmy, dressed in drag, failed to capture the Miss Corn Fest quality found in Beck’s babes.

However, Michaels said they would continue their tradition of bringing watered-down music to the masses by booking American Idol loser Krista Branch. She will perform the tea party anthem “I am America” accompanied by former SNL alum Victoria Jackson and Beck’s new BFF John Rich.

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