The Meanings and Uses of Shari'ah

From Newt Gingrich’s talk at American Enterprise Institute last month to the controversy surrounding a proposed Muslim religious center at Ground Zero in New York City, from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to use of Islamophobia to alter American foreign policy in the Middle East, misrepresentations of Shari’ah abound.

The Revealer‘s asked scholars, journalists and academics to weigh in on what shari’ah is, how the media often get it wrong, how it’s being used to create fear of Islam and Muslims, and how it is framed to justify continued military defense of “American values.”


The Problem of Equating Shari’ah with Law, by Hussein Rashid

Contesting the Sharia:  The Ideological Interpretation (and Misinterpretation) of Islamic Law, by Najam Haider

Shari’a and Women’s Rights in Afghanistan, by Najam Haider

Islamophobia: Stoking Fears about an American Community, by Joshua M.Z. Stanton

The Perversion of the Shari’ah and the Limits of Tolerance, by Tariq al-Jamil

As more articles in this series are published, we’ll list them here.

Editor’s note:  the accepted spellings of Qur’an and Shari’ah vary.  We’ve chosen to defer to our writers rather than impose a consistent usage.

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