HuffPo Scripture

Paul Rauschenbush, religion editor at Huffington Post, announced a new series that will highlight scriptural commentary:

One of the most effective forms of prayer and meditation comes through reflection upon scripture — and while reading scripture on our own is edifying, it is even better to approach scripture together with a group to learn from the ways in which others understand the same passage. Likewise, it is enlightening to listen to or read the reflections of religious leaders who have thought about the deep meaning of a passage of scripture. To that end, Huffington Post Religion is starting a scripture commentary series that will bring together leading voices from different religious traditions to offer their wisdom on selected religious passages. Next month we will have Muslim commentaries for Ramadan, and in September Jewish commentaries for the High Holidays. This week we are starting with commentaries on the Gospel by Rev. Jim Wallis, Dr. Serene Jones, Dr. Emilie Townes, Sister Joan Chittister, and Rev. James Martin, S.J.

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