LaHaye: Kagan's Apocalyptic Globalism

Could a Democratic Supreme Court nominee do less for progressive or liberal objectives than Elena Kagan?  It’s hard to imagine.  Even long-held party platform items like protection of citizens from corporations have been abandoned by this nominee (and nomination).  But with the Republican party running alarmingly so long and far right — Nevada Senate primary victor Sharron Angle’s flirting with armed insurrection, for instance — what’s had to give in current American politics is a sense of the rational.

And then there’s Tim LaHaye.  Rob Boston at Talk to Action writes that LaHaye, author of the wildly popular Left Behind series, recently spent some blog time denouncing Kagan as a “globalist.”  Writes Boston on LaHaye’s creative promotion of his new book, Edge of Apocalypse:

LaHaye decided to light into her on a blog promoting his new book. In a desperate attempt to link his goofy tome to current events, he warns darkly that Kagan and other “globalists” on the high court “could begin radically steering us away from view of the Constitution that honors our Judeo-Christian heritage and founding.”

Fulminates LaHaye, “With Elena Kagan on the Supreme Court, international legal standards could well be imposed on American citizens by the High Court’s legal globalists even without the need for Senate approval of specific international treaties. In our new novel, Edge of Apocalypse, we show how this trend could create a legal nightmare for conscientious Christians.”

But shouldn’t LaHaye and others be welcoming the end times with open arms??

Regardless, we’ve got a centrist nominee (elected by a — time to finally face it, folks — neo-centrist president), who would have made any Republican prior to Clinton proud, being battered by Republican Senators as a radical.  The success of this folly won’t be the (likely) nomination of Kagan to the bench but the farther-to-the-right judicial creep that her addition to the court will bring.  Who said the apocalypse was the making of the left?

For more on Kagan’s views on the Establishment Clause, read Sarah Posner at Religion Dispatches.  Speaking of Angle, Andrew Sullivan notes that, after a period of media quiet, she’s come out to declare her views on the Establishment Clause; also, Nevada’s Desert Beacon.  Comments from Mark Silk at Spiritual Politics.  Read Talking Points Memo‘s story on the demonstration of conservative students outside the Kagan hearings.

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