Oil Apocalypse

It’s been six weeks since the Deep Water Horizon sank to the bottom of the Gulf waters.  The Revealer‘s collected a number of articles and essays that examine what the spill means for the future of environmental activism, faith leaders, free-market supporters, and the animal and human inhabitants of a now-polluted region:

An op-ed by Killing the Buddha senior editor, Meera Subramanian, from USAToday.

Photos of bird drenched in oil.

Religion News Service calls it the “oil spill apocalypse” and links to more articles.

60 Minutes segment, with interviews with a survivor from the rig, Mike Williams, on the weeks before the explosion.

Since the spill, governor Rick Perry (R-TX) and representative Tom Cole  (R-OK) have both called it an “act of God.” Ted Turner’s wondered if the spill is a sign from God that we shouldn’t be drilling off the coast.

Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew tells us that it’s time to atone for our sins against nature and God.

Leonard Pitts says that free-market religion is lost on the coast.  “As there are no atheists in foxholes, it turns out there are no small-government disciples in massive oil spills.”

Mother Jones rounds up the conspiracy theories surrounding the spill.

Hopi Indian prophecy of the ocean turning black.

The Washington Post‘s “On Faith Blog” has convened more than a dozen commentators, including Herb Silverman, Janet Edwards, and David Wolpe, to write about the oil disaster in the Gulf.

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