Protesting Glorification of the Nation-State.

Ann Neumann: If Goshen College in Indiana, the largest Anabaptist college in the US, thought they could start playing the national anthem, The Star Spangled Banner, before athletic events and no one would notice, a new poll, Jesus Radicals and a couple of Facebook pages are proving them wrong. The college, which chose to end it’s 116 year abstention, is describing the change as a chance to make others feel welcome at events. A college spokesman said, “…we believe playing the anthem in no way displaces any higher allegiances, including to the expansive understanding of Jesus – the ultimate peacemaker – loving all people of the world.” As of this afternoon, 81% of poll takers at The Mennonite have answered the question, “Should Mennonite schools play the national anthem before sporting events?” with a resounding no.

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