In a time when much of the media is writing the Christian Right’s obituary for the umpteenth time, Christians United for Israel — CUFI — has emerged as one of the new powerhouses of the movement. Its leader, John Hagee, and its theology — like that of Left Behind, but not as subtle — is old-school, but its touchy-feely “We love Jews!” sensibility is in keeping with American fundamentalism’s attempts to re-brand the faith as gentler and kinder, if just as orthodox underneath. It may be sneakier than that, as Max Blumenthal reveals in his Youtube report from a Washington CUFI powwow, where he broke away from the talking points of Joe Lieberman (he compares his pal Hagee, who blames anti-Semitism on Jewish “disobedience and rebellion,” to Moses) and Tom DeLay to talk to actual believers. Theological warnings, security guards, and Christian Zionist interpretive dancing follow.