Goldilocks Colson

The man sometimes referred to as the Christian Right’s “movement intellectual” — Watergate felon Chuck Colson tested out a new meme for a pre-convention meeting of Southern Baptist leaders last night. Part one is the invocation of a familiar enemy for the Christian Right, “Islamofascism.” But Colson’s upping the ante: “Islam is a vicious, evil,” he started to say, before remembering to qualify Islam with “fascism.” When Franklin Graham called Islam evil several years ago, even most Christian Right leaders denounced him; will anybody notice when Colson, a more influential figure, declares a third of the world Christendom’s enemy? There’s more: Christian Right speakers used to pair “Islamofascism” as the threat abroad with “the homosexual agenda” as the threat within. Now, according to Colson, it’s Islam and… “a virulent strain of atheism.” To review: Islamofascists believe too much, and therefore must be eliminated; atheists don’t believe enough, and therefore must be eliminated; but Chuck Colson believes just the right amount, and therefore gets his porridge.