Hell House in New York City

“Hell House,” the evangelical version of a haunted house which portrays the consequences for sins like abortion and homosexuality to scare visitors, is coming to New York City this fall in the form of a theatrical production. Keenan Roberts, senior pastor at New Destiny Christian Center in Thornton, Colorado, is the creator of the original “Hell House” and has hired New York theater company Les Freres Corbusier to present the show. “Hell House” begins October 1, runs through the end of the month, and is sure to have a lot of people talking. Don’t miss this chance to see religion in the media — live!

Correction: Pastor Keenan Roberts did not hire Les Freres Corbusier to put on the show. According to one actor, the company “ordered the packet that he sends out instructing different groups on how to put up a correct Hell House and, on their own impulse, decided to put the show on.”