Nazis Ahead

That the Jewish Forward pays more attention to what may be a neo-Nazi resurgence in Germany comes as no surprise. Mainstream media likes Nazi stories, too, but only as a sort of darker version of the perennial “Church of Elvis” story, with “disturbing” subbing in for “quirky” as the adjective in play. That’s too bad — fringe fascist movements, alas, require more attention. Are they the irritations of liberal democracy? Or the next “avant-garde”? An actual Nazi revival seems unlikely (though hardly more so than Nazi success seemed in the late 1920s, when it polled less in Germany than Ralph Nader in 2000), but signs of a very real neo-fascist movement in Europe, with “culture” playing the role of race and ideology, abound. When it comes to covering the weather, the rest of the press should catch up with the Forward.