Actual Episcopalians

16 January 2006

In response to the irreverent and over-hyped new NBC sitcom, The Book of Daniel, the Episcopal Diocese of Washington — part of the Episcopal Church that serves as fictional premise for the show — is playing the good sport, having founded a blog,, to serve as a discussion forum for the show, as well as an avenue of evangelization for those interested in learning more about “actual Episcopalians.” So far, to the consternation of Julia Duin at The Washington Times, the Episcopalians of Washington seem to understand and even appreciate the show as entertainment. What’s the Times to do with a dead-in-the-water story like this, when the Wronged Party refuses to be outraged? Easy: get someone to be outraged on their behalf. And so we witness the makeover of the American Family Association, from the reactionary group which called for boycotts of the show before it even aired, to the protective big brother of the Episcopal Church and Christendom itself, chiding both (in an editorial that informs most of Duin’s own article) that they “‘ought to be incensed with the show'” and angry at themselves for failing to get out the true Gospel to America.

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