Narrative Gerrymandering

Tony Perkins of the Christian conservative Family Research Council targets NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg — usually of little concern to the Christian Right — for his opposition to John Roberts‘ confirmation. But Perkins has bigger game in his sites — Senator Arlen Specter. Or perhaps the hunt doesn’t stop there. This small item is another entry in the growing case being made by Perkins and other Christian conservatives that some Republicans are better than others. Nothing new there. What’s interesting is the strategy: Activists such as Perkins, who refuse to support any politician who’s not solidly anti-abortion, are accusing moderate Republicans such as Bloomberg and Specter of single-mindedness. It’s an intriguing media strategy, and we predict it will work. Watch out for centrist media to crunch moderate Republicans, Democrats, and actual leftists all together onto one “side” of the issue. The story here is all about where you draw the lines. Call it narrative gerrymandering, and recognize Tony Perkins for what he is: a seriously-talented cartographer. — Sharlet

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