The Shape of Journalism to Come

Sharlet: This fall, I’ll be teaching The Revealer as a text and as an assignment for a group of journalism graduate students here at New York University, as part of a seminar in magazine writing called “Journalism Faces Faith.” As I finalize the syllabus, I’m hoping Revealer readers will help me select work with which to train the next generation of journalists.

Here’s the course: Our beat will be “faith,” the vague term used by reporters embarrassed of words like “religion,” “doctrine,” and “dogma,” and our focus will be on (with apologies to St. Paul) “evidence of things unseen.” The title of the course is meant as a lousy pun: We’ll investigate the ways in which journalism confronts belief and the ways in which it makes the peculiarities of beliefs presentable in the public sphere.

And here’s where I want your help: Point me toward great magazine journalism that will round out the reading assignments. I’m particularly interested in work from specialized magazines I might have missed — a great piece from an environmental magazine, for instance, or a truly fine piece of sports writing that deals with religion. I’m also interested in excellent journalism from the religious press. The focus of the course is on long form, narrative magazine writing, so I’m looking for beautiful prose as well as good reporting.

Help shape journalism to come. Suggestions?

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