AIO’s Red Pill

The attorneys involved in the dispute between the University of North Carolina and an evangelical Christian fraternity at the school, Alpha Iota Omega, have failed to reach a compromise as directed by a federal judge, and the case will now be decided by Judge Frank Bullock Jr. AIO, with the support of a Republican representative and the Alliance Defense Fund, sued the school for rescinding its official student organization status in 2003 because its three members refused to sign the university’s nondiscrimination policy stating that they would open their group to gays and non-Christians. The settlement failed due to differences over the wording of a consent decree discussing UNC student groups’ right to decide membership. Prior to today’s news, Jane Stancill of the News Observer ran a lengthy report on AIO and its ties to King’s Park International Church in Durham, formerly Triangle Christian Fellowship, formerly Maranatha Christian Church of the Triangle, which Bartholomew’s Notes on Religion tracks back to a campus ministry at UNC that was disbanded in 1989 due to claims of authoritarianism and “cult-like” behavior.

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