KKK Crashes Equality Party

A Kentucky mother, Lisa Whiteside, has withdrawn her son from a local high school after protests over the allegedly uneven application of the school’s strict dress code, which Whiteside claims was enforced against her son (who wore a button-down shirt rather than the required polo), but not against two Muslim students who wore head scarves (though the code prohibits “hearwear”). Whiteside then tested the code by taking her son to school wearing a T-shirt that read “FBI” and “Firm Believer In Christ,” and when she was told he couldn’t wear the shirt, she began demonstrating outside the school. It probably would have amounted to little more than standard teenage humiliation for Whiteside’s son, had the local Ku Klux Klan not decided to back his mom up, joining her outside the school with white robes, Confederate flags and white-supremecist regalia…Whiteside, who says she had no racial intentions in her protests, has since decided to abandon demonstrations for a petition drive.