ABC Panders

FAIR, a liberal media criticism group, calls our attention to a segment on alleged liberal censorship of conservative ideas in higher education broadcast on ABC’s Feb. 1st “World News Tonight.” Correspondent Dan Harris offered as an example a community college that forbid a screening of Mel Gibson’s Passion because of its R rating — which, lacking more information, seems like a conservative rather than liberal campus policy — and presents the conservative Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) as a “nonpartisan” organization. FIRE’s “expert” tells ABC’s viewers that “You’re going to get more political and intellectual diversity at your average suburban mega-church than you are at an elite university.” The Revealer doesn’t deny that universities skew liberal; but this is an absurd statement, and even insulting to megachurches. At any church worth the name, you’ll find a significant degree of intellectual homogeniety, from the basics of Christian doctrine to a general agreement on worship and worldview. As for politcs, we offer an anecdote — we recently conducted about two dozen interviews with regular members and leadership of an 11,000-strong megachurch in Colorado. Nobody could think of anyone who voted for John Kerry — or even imagine why someone would do so. Show us a university that votes solid bloc, and we’ll tell you its name: Bob Jones. Beyond that, higher education doesn’t deserve its position as the elite right’s favorite whipping boy.

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