29 October 2004 Daily Links

Jeff Sharlet in The Dallas Morning News“Red and blue states? Sorry, but it’s not that black and white.” “While there are indeed Republican states and Democratic states — ‘red’ and ‘blue’ — the spiritual geography of the nation is not so simply mapped. For the last three years I’ve been traveling America, talking to ordinary people about faith and faithlessness and the vast territory in between. The only constant I’ve observed is that religious beliefs and political beliefs are not nearly so closely bound as pundits would have us believe. Take the ‘blue,’ Democratic state of New York…

Nathaniel Popper of The Forward reports that Kerry has accused Bush of “‘dragging his feet'” in a contentious class-action Holocaust restitution suit currently underway in Miami. Popper writes that Kerry’s accusation resonates with Holocaust survivors and their advocates, who feel neglected by the administration. Some of the most “explosive” charges allege that the Bush administration dropped pressure on Poland to participate in restitution proceedings, in order to secure the country’s cooperation in the Iraq war.

“More than 3,500 Scots, mainly woman and children, and their cats were killed in witch hunts at a time of political intrigue and religious ferment. Many were condemned on flimsy evidence, such as owning a black cat or brewing homemade remedies.” Of course, that all happened a long, long time ago. But it’s never to late for justice. CNN reports that one Scottish town will use this Halloween to “publicly declare pardons for 81 local people executed in the 16th and 17th centuries for being witches.”

LGF community: You are all models of virtue, reason, and light. I hallucinated everything I thought I read on your site. The only offensive emails I received were from trolls trying to besmirch your good names. You are kind, decent, humane. Praise be your name. Now, please, return to your well-reasoned, thoughtful discussion of the Middle East.

Shortly after the Lambeth Commission report attempting to resolve the Anglican church divide, African Anglican bishops said that the report did not go far enough and accused American Anglican churches of subverting the faith with false doctrine. The African bishops held that Anglican churches that accept homosexuality should be considered a separate religion, and that American bishops who wished to remain in the Anglican Communion should repent and ask for forgiveness.

The U.S. Army has taken unspecified, but in their words “insignificant,” action against Lt. Gen. William Boykin, who embarrassed Bush’s administration with his pro-war speeches that described the conflict as one between Christians and Satan.

A Christian school in Michigan, Cornerstone University, is creating a religion-based MBA program that it hopes will bring Christian values to the corporate world.

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