Daily Links October 15 2004

More Communion Controversies
According to Tony Blair’s family priest, Father Timothy Russ, the British Prime Minister “‘may well'” convert to Catholicism. The speculation arises after rumors that Blair has been taking Communion. According to Russ, Blair’s interest in the Church is growing and he finds theology “‘much more interesting than politics.'” If Blair does convert in office, he will be Britain’s first Catholic P.M.
New Moon
Science is clashing with tradition in debates about when the Muslim Holy Month of Ramadanshould officially begin this year. According to tradition, Ramadan should begin on the first sighting of the new moon, and Sharia judges in Bahrain sat up Wednesday to watch for it. Astronomers, however, argued that the plotting of the moon’s course shows that the new moon could not rise until Thursday night, and that any moon seen prior to that is the last glimpse of the old moon, from the previous lunar month.
Gadflyer Applies the Ten Commandments
Paul Waldman, editor-in-chief of The Gadflyer thinks through the public policy implications of posting the Ten Commandments, and searches and searches for their secular purposes. “No other gods before me?” A splendid end to David Hasselhoff worship. “No graven images”? No Gibson’s Passion. “No taking my name in vain”? No more Ashcroft pontification. “No bearing false witness”? Well, I think you see where this is going.
Teen Faith in the White House

A study released by the American Bible Society finds that 67% of 500 American teens polled think that God or faith in God belong in the White House.

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