Daily Links October 1 2004

Erotica and LaHaye
Richard Bartholomew, of Bartholomew’s Notes on Religion, finds a New York Observer article about Left Behind author Tim LaHaye’s move into mainstream publishing, including a contract with Kensington. Bartholomew kindly posts Kensington’s company profile: “We are considered a leader and innovator in such areas of publishing as African-American (Dafina), Gay and Lesbian, Erotic Romance (Brava), Wicca, and Alternative Health (Twin Streams) and of course romance.”
Google Him
“‘To those doubters out there who still don’t believe that God exists, I have just one piece of advice: Google Him.'” So says Dr. George Darlington of U. of Minnesota Divinity School, about what Newsweek is calling “the most conclusive evidence of a Supreme Being ever discovered”: that is, over 59 million results were returned from a young man’s unintentional internet search for God. “The stunning discovery, expected to wipe out atheism worldwide,” was made by a 22-year old video-store clerk in Tacoma, Washington, when he attempted to search for the word “bod,” but accidentally typed a “g” in place of the “b.” “‘As soon as those search results came up, I immediately alerted the authorities,'” said the young clerk. “‘I knew this was something big.'” Also, only 3 million sites were found for Satan, which Newsweek interprets as theologians long have: God (and Paris Hilton) are more powerful than Satan.
Going on a Debate and What Should I Bring?
“I had a good time up there talking about what I believe. It’s not all that hard to debate if you know what’s in your heart.” A post-debate Bush adds to the heart talk. In the debate, we counted: two prayers, two “ideolog[ies] of hatred,” one Muslim who wants to be free, four beliefs (one core belief), two values (one core value), one Mighty Mountain, and one Valley of Peace below. Oh yeah, and two God Bless Americas.
Christ for the Undocumented
A life-size fiberglass statue of Jesus, found on the banks of the Rio Grande, is now in the custody of the Eagle Pass police force, who are keeping it propped between two doors in their evidence room. The station has become a site of minor pilgrimage for the many Catholics in the Texas town, some of whom embrace the statue as a message from God. Newspapers across the river, in the Mexican town of Piedras Negras, are calling the statue “the Christ for the undocumented [workers].”
1 October, 2004

Spain has approved draft legislation which would legalize gay marriage and extend the same rights that heterosexual couples have, including the right to adopt children. The Roman Catholic Church has fiercely opposed the bill, comparing it to “releasing a virus into society.”

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