25 September 2004 Daily Links

Dream with the fishes: A Georgia company, Eternal Reefs, has fused memorials with sea conservation to make “reef balls”: mixing cremation ashes with marine-grade concrete and forming an artificial reef, a home for fish and coral. Iver Peterson of The New York Times reports that the reef balls, which are hollow concrete cones with grapefruit-size holes, are normally bought by coastal states to create fish habitats offshore. The price of mixing the ashes into the reef balls generally ranges from $1,000 to $2,000, though it can reach up to $5,000, depending upon the model of reef ball chosen.

“‘”You need to get on your knees every night and you need to pray to the Lord to send you a football team,”‘” Roger McDaniel used to tell his home-schooled son, who begged to be sent to public school in order to play football. Now, though, McDaniel is head coach of the North Georgia Falcons, one of eight teams of Christian home-schoolers from Atlanta’s suburbs that make up the Georgia Football League. Ellen Barry of The Los Angeles Times reports on the growing league — which organizers hope will remove one more reason to return to “‘government schools'” — and what this familiar slice of Americana looks like, “purged of trash talk, bloodthirsty rivalry and short cheerleading skirts.”

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