The “R” Word

Jay Rosen: “If a religion writer covered the presidential campaign, how would campaign coverage be different? The least interesting part of that question is how such journalists might handle better the assorted religion stories that pop up in election campaigns. The far more interesting part is how religion-aware reporters and writers would cast a different light on normal politics, the rough and tumble of the campaign, the rhetoric of candidates, the way issues are framed, the behavior of the press, the “master narrative,” the character issue, the feeding frenzy, the ads for God’s sake, and so on — real POLITICS.” Read more from Rosen’s introduction to The Revealer’s forum on religion and campaign coverage: “The ‘R’ Word.” Or jump ahead to our first three contributors: Debra L. Mason (Exec. Director, Religion Newswriters Association); Jason DeRose (NPR); and Amy Sullivan (Washington Monthly).

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