Home School Fight Songs

“Conservative Christian homeschoolers are big on critical thinking,” says one such, “so they wouldn’t be led by the nose.”

Hmm. Maybe getting a little bigger on critical thinking would help this home schooler recognize that “critical thinking” doesn’t serve any pre-conceived political agenda.

At least the kid is trying.

She’s quoted in a Christian Science Monitor report about the Home School Legal Defense Association, founded by Michael Farris, who was also behind Patrick Henry College, “a conservative school designed for homeschooled students that emphasizes political leadership.”

There’s been a bit of hysteria in the media response to the politicized home schooler movement, but April Austin‘s Monitor report is even-keeled work, useful stuff when it comes to understanding what looks to be an emerging hot button issue.

One question she leaves hanging, though, is how conservative Protestants have come to dominate a movement in which they amount to less than 25%. Affiliated Catholics, meanwhile, make up 36%. And yet none dare call it conspiracy (kidding, folks.) Maybe anti-Catholicism in America really is dead. Or maybe some bright religion writer needs to tackle the relationship between religion and homeschooling head-on.

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