A Grateful Jew

As we type, film critic Michael Medved is on CNN explaining the problem with Mel Gibson‘s Passion. What’s the problem? The Jews.

CNN brought Medved, a politically conservative, orthodox Jew who never saw a bit of Christian apologetics he didn’t like, to escalate the press coverage of the controversy.

“The movie wasn’t made for Jews,” Medved is explaining — so they shouldn’t complain.

Why do they persist? “That’s what they [Jews] do.”

True enough — when they’re not counting shekels, that is.

Medved goes on to explain that Jesus Christ died for all of humanity, suggesting that Jews should be more grateful. Remember, this man was introduced as an orthodox Jew. A grateful one, evidently.

But the kicker here isn’t so much about Jews & Christians, it’s about a core principle of Medved’s laissez-faire religion: Gibson “made [The Passion] with his own money,” says Medved, “so I don’t see how you can target him.”

And CNN leaves this curious construction unquestioned. Now, The Revealer hasn’t seen The Passion, and for all we know it may be a decent movie — but as a rationale for dismissing allegations of anti-Semitism, self-funding seems peculiar.

Didn’t David Duke self-publish?

As an alternative to CNN’s searching investigation, The Revealer recommends The Center for Religion and Media’s upcoming conference, “Who Owns The Passion?”

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